Based in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Larry Dubin creates organic sculptures using steel, glass, crystal and earths colors.He transforms steel into flowing  three dimensional organic forms. A practicing physician, Dubin’s art incorporates  the spiritual energy and healing powers found in nature and its elements. He feels sculpture needs to sing to you. His incorporation of mother earths crystals offer you spiritual, emotional and physical healing. 


Larry Dubin’s work begins with the creation of steel infrastructure symbolizing strength and stability.Then he transforms two-dimensional lifeless sheets of metal into three-dimensional, fluid shapes. Through multiple techniques, the flat sheets come to life in organic forms that flow and create motion.He calls these exquisite flowing forms of steel ribbons and wings. Dubin arranges the wings to resonate with each other, your eye and the environment.


Dubin then seeks to create meaningful and spiritual qualities to each sculpture. You will find that  organic elements, such as glass and crystals are frequently incorporated throughout the layers of the steel sculptures.

Beautiful  chunks or slags of glass are used for dramatic colors and shapes.Like steel, glass is man made, with earthly  vibrant, colorful silicates and pigments from the earth.

You will find that Dubin prefers to incorporate  crystals into his sculptures for their beauty and spiritual qualities. To Dubin, crystals are infinitely beautiful and dance with light — especially when paired with the patinated steel. He also appreciates the spiritual energy tht crystals possess – evoking feelings, emotions and for there intense healing and curative powers.

As Dubin’s work evolves, entire sculptures are now created around a single crystal that the artist meticulously chooses. Dubin feels the crystals combined with his flowing wings create a sculpture  that resonate with us- visually and spiritually.


Before a piece can be finalized, Dubin dedicates  much time and energy to bringing the right organic color to the sculpture. Special chemicals create different patterns of rust on the metal. Rust is the canvass that Dubin begins with.Then many different chemicals  are mixed to create patinas or colors. He layers color on color to create just the right visual effect. In fact, some finishes have 10-15 different patinas.The color you see on a finished piece is achieved when Dubin feels the colors resonate with the forms and crystals. The colors are then sealed forever with a protective clear coat so the sculpture can find its home, inside or outside.